4 smart reasons to try OCÓO, the new functional beverage

Packed with benefits, functional drinks are a burgeoning trend for busy people looking to lead healthy lives. For an on-the-go health and beauty booster, why not try OCÓO, our innovative new beverage?
For our very first blog article, we look at the many advantages of today’s functional beverages.


A new trend in full swing!

Functional beverages are essentially drinks engineered to offer targeted health and beauty benefits. A fast-growing trend worldwide, they’re based on the guiding principle that wellness from within shows on the outside. Today’s consumers are increasingly mindful of what they eat — and as a result, more apt to recognize the direct link between food, drink and overall well-being.

The growing demand for natural products is a key driver of this promising new market. Indeed, functional drinks place third among the natural/organic products most sought by Canadian consumers.*


Easy to adopt, easy on the environment

Part of the success of functional beverages like OCÓO is their simplicity: they’re easy to introduce into your daily routine and take almost no effort to produce visible results. Better yet, unlike the chemical cocktail of traditional cosmetics, they’re based almost exclusively on natural ingredients. The result? Functional beverages aren’t just good for you: they’re also good for the planet!


A recognized beauty and wellness beverage with unique properties

Developed by health and biology experts based on rigorous scientific research, OCÓO acts from within for optimal results. In particular, its active complex — a unique blend of vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidants — provides exceptional benefits to skin, hair and nails. Acting as a collagen booster, OCÓO has a visible effect on beauty and well-being.

OCÓO also boosts energy levels and immune system function, thus optimizing overall health. In fact, it’s North America’s first functional drink to target beauty and well-being. The benefits of its naturally sourced active ingredients are recognized by Health Canada.


And did we mention its great taste?

The powerful antioxidant virtues of OCÓO’s exclusive blend of red berries deliver an effective beauty boost in a deliciously refreshing beverage. Made using pure ingredients of the highest quality, and with no added sugar, OCÓO is recognized by experts in the food and beverage industry as a premium functional beverage.

By acting from within, OCÓO’s formula ensures fast absorption and optimal action. Since healthy eating is the first step toward overall wellness, why not choose foods and beverages that also make you look as great as you feel?

Now you can boost your beauty and well-being from within. Are you ready for OCÓO?



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