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Post-Christmas detox: spotlight on citrus

The holiday season is marked by both excess and scarcity. On the one hand, there’s an abundance of food, drink and stress—and on the other, a shortage of sleep and exercise. It’s an intense time that, while fleeting, can wreak havoc on health, energy levels, moods and skin. Happily, certain foods and vitamins can help […]

Eating well to boost immunity, banish stress and stay balanced!


Imagine always feeling happy and unstressed, with a cast-iron immune system . . . and staying like this well into old age. Just wishful thinking? Most people are aware that a poor diet and poor health go hand in hand. What’s more, a hectic lifestyle can leave precious little time for preparing balanced meals, leading […]

Eating your way to healthy skin, hair and nails!


Two words: health and nutrition. These considerations are gaining serious ground with consumers seeking to maximize their wellbeing through what they put into their bodies. And the phenomenon isn’t age-specific: interest in functional eating is burgeoning among Millennials, Gen-Xers and Boomers alike. What is it they’re looking for? Tasty, nutrient-rich foods and drinks that contain […]

Nutricosmetics: Beauty and Health Benefits


Popularity is on the rise for nutricosmetics across Europe. Originating from Asia, demand for such products has rapidly expanded to the North-American market, including beauty, health and well-being functional drinks, also known as “beauty beverages”.   Etymology and definition Nutricosmetics is a new approach to edible products, consumed for their cosmetic benefits. At the intersection […]

Healthy, lustrous hair and nails: what goes in shows on the outside!


There’s a direct link between health and lifestyle — and of course, your mane and fingernails are no exception. Dealing with flyaway hair or nails that split? Below, a few tips for long, strong and attractive hair and nails   A growing trend: hair and nail care from the inside out Styling products, hair dryers, […]

4 smart reasons to try OCÓO, the new functional beverage

Packed with benefits, functional drinks are a burgeoning trend for busy people looking to lead healthy lives. For an on-the-go health and beauty booster, why not try OCÓO, our innovative new beverage?   For our very first blog article, we look at the many advantages of today’s functional beverages.   A new trend in full […]