Eating well to boost immunity, banish stress and stay balanced!


Imagine always feeling happy and unstressed, with a cast-iron immune system . . . and staying like this well into old age. Just wishful thinking?

Most people are aware that a poor diet and poor health go hand in hand. What’s more, a hectic lifestyle can leave precious little time for preparing balanced meals, leading to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Even if your diet and lifestyle are A-1, factors like food intolerance, autoimmune diseases, medications, climate change and stress can take a significant toll, not just on your body, but also on your moods, energy levels and immune system function.


Raising a glass (and a fork) to a healthy old age!

On November 14, 2018, global market intelligence firm Mintel, revealed the trends leading food-and-beverage industry innovation in 2019 and beyond. “[translation] Food and beverage production is informed by a growing interest in self-care and the desire for more solutions for maintaining health while ageing. The specific needs of different populations are liable to be met through prevention-oriented foods and drinks whose formulations are nutritious, tasty and easy to consume.”*

Some of these products are already available; others, new to the market, are gaining traction for their remarkable energy- and wellness-fostering properties. The latter include functional drinks like kombucha and OCÓO, the health-and-beauty beverage from Germany. Below are some of the vitamins with the biggest payouts in terms of overall wellness.


1. B is for “balance”

Almonds, walnuts, plain yogurt, salmon, shrimp and papayas. All are rich in B vitamins: a powerful class of nutrients that boost serotonin production, promoting relaxation and making you less vulnerable to infection as they reduce anxiety, depression and agitation.*


2. C and B12: fine-tuning the immune system

B12 helps keep your batteries topped up by converting fuel (food) into energy. Foods like salmon, tuna, sardines, veal, milk, cheese and eggs are rich sources.* Note that, since B12 is largely animal-sourced, vegetarians and vegans must take particular care to get enough of it; supplements and fortified beverages are recommended.* As for vitamin C, blackcurrants, cranberries, grapes, kiwifruit, red peppers, parsley, broccoli and the entire cabbage family are all excellent sources. Blackcurrants in particular are extraordinarily beneficial for the immune system. With a vitamin C content four times greater than that of oranges, they’re a true immunity “superfruit”!


3. Selenium-rich Brazil nuts: the anti-virus brigade

A selenium deficiency opens the door to viruses and infections. Fortunately, this is easily resolved: a daily Brazil nut or two, and you’ll have plenty of this essential mineral to see you though the winter.* Another excellent source is OCÓO, the exciting new functional beverage from Europe. As we like to say, an OCÓO a day spells beauty and well-being forever!

For health, beauty and longevity, taking care of your body is your absolute best bet. Focus on the foods listed above and maintain an active lifestyle, and we guarantee you’ll positively glow — so happy and serene, you’ll be the envy of your entourage!

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