Healthy, lustrous hair and nails: what goes in shows on the outside!


There’s a direct link between health and lifestyle — and of course, your mane and fingernails are no exception. Dealing with flyaway hair or nails that split? Below, a few tips for long, strong and attractive hair and nails


A growing trend: hair and nail care from the inside out

Styling products, hair dryers, curling wands, hair dyes, semi-permanent nail polish, nail art: all of these wreak havoc on your naturel shine, especially when they’re used every day. Add to these stress, fatigue, dehydration, pollution and UV rays, and you’ve got a recipe for trouble.

So just how do you fix dull, lifeless hair and brittle nails? Regular cosmetic products like oils and conditioners can help, but they just treat the surface. And that makes it all the more important to start from the inside. A functional beverage (a.k.a. nutricosmetic) works on hair and nail health from deep down, right at the molecular level!

Ready-to-drink with a delicious berry flavour, OCÓO is an innovative solution for restoring your hair and nails to shiny health. Just one portion provides a balanced dose of vitamins and minerals known for their benefits.* As a drink, OCÓO’s active ingredients are quickly absorbed, acting on cell metabolisms and nourishing the deepest layers of the epidermis, for quick and lasting results.


A top-quality active complex

OCÓO is made from 100% naturally sourced ingredients.

Its number-one active ingredient: biotin, crucial to hair and nail health. As Tasha Jennings says in Vitamins Guide: 301 Ways to Look and Feel Younger (a real health-and-beauty bible!): “Biotin assists in the maintenance of healthy nails by helping renew and replenish the outer fatty layer of our cells to prevent dryness. It can also encourage hair growth and help prevent hair loss.” She adds: “Biotin can be beneficial in combination with other B vitamins during times of stress or fatigue.” Containing vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12 as well as biotin, OCÓO is a hair-and-nail powerhouse.

Second key ingredient:grape seed extract. Packing an antioxidant punch 20 to 50 times greater than E vitamins, grape seed extract nourishes and protects hair from harmful external elements. In fact, lab tests have shown it can boost skin hydration by up to 127%! This “superfruit” doesn’t just benefit skin: it also feeds and repairs dry hair while helping strengthen the hair shaft at the roots.


A beauty ritual that’s easy to swallow!

Active drinks like OCÓO involve zero prep time and can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. At just 48 calories per bottle, you can also add it to your favourite smoothies. An easy add-on to your hair-and-nail-care routine!

A beauty treatment that works from the inside out is a highly effective habit to adopt, leading to lasting, optimal effects. Ready to nourish your hair and nails from within?

– Les bénéfices sur les ingrédients de OCÓO sont en ligne avec les monographies applicables de Santé Canada.
– Vitamines Guide / 301 Ways to Look and Feel Younger, Tasha Jennings , p. 32
– Source : “Le raisin, partenaire beauté”, Côté Santé N°98, décembre-janvier 2016
*Avec la contribution de Mathilde Thomas, Présidente de la marque Caudalie

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